Learning HTML by yourself

H - Final project.

17/06/2012 20:20


Web Site Final Project


/112           Name:  __________________________________

The final web site must have the following items listed.  This will be your marking sheet.


  • Web site has at least 5 pages  (    /10)
  • Have at least 3 different levels. (    /6)
  • There is bold
  • There is italics
  • The font color is changed at some point.
  • Background color is appropriate.
  • There is a background image.
  • There is 2 horizontal lines
  • All pictures have the alt tag and when you go over the picture, words appear over the picture.                          (    /10)
  • One of your pictures is transparent in one section.    (    /5)
  • Each page has a similar design and preferably the same color scheme.
  • Each page should have a different header then the last one.
  • You must have at least one email stating that you have permission to use a picture you have taken off the Internet.    (     /10)
  • There should be at least one title done in Photoshop.   (       /5)
  • All other photos must be altered to at least 80% of the original state. (   /10)
  • There must be at least one java script.  (    /5)
  • You need an image map with e links on it that is obvious.   (     /5)
  • Need a mouseover on a button. (     /5)
  • All pages must be interlinked so I never have to use the back button to get back home or to any of the other pages. (     /5)
  • One link is outside.
  • There are two tables in your web site.
  • Both tables fit into the look of the web site.
  • There is a frame.
  • There is an i-frame.
  • There is a numbered list
  • There is an unordered list.


Content of the Web Site

  • The web site adds information to the Internet, not the same as other sites.
  • Include essential elements on each page (head, title, title, head)
  • Use appropriate navigational aids (links on the pages) that are named properly
  • Keep page lengths short.
  • Have Copy write on the pages if it’s your page. (     /5)
  • Use appropriate text fonts and styles where need be
  • Use color appropriately
  • Keep graphics small   (     /5)
  • Each page has your email on it. (     /5)




All of the above MUST be included and you may also use any other elements if you wish.