Learning HTML by yourself


30/10/2011 12:41

1 Welcome to HTML

Info Tech 11's HTML unit is comprised of 16 lessons that increase in difficulty as the student progresses though them. At the beginning of this section of the course, with Lesson one, students learn how to plan a web site.  The student learns simple commands such...


30/10/2011 13:14

2 - Basic HTML

  Introduction HTML (HyperText Markup Language was designed as a simple markup language which could be used to produce documents on the internet.  Because of the language's platform-independence, it can be created on wordpad or notepad, but it must be saved in html format. Let me explain...


30/10/2011 13:19

3A - Styling

Text Formatting HTML allows you to present text in certain styles to add depth and meaning to the presentation. Words can be italicized and bolded, for example. In HTML, text format tags fall into two categories, logical and physical. Logical tags focus on the actual use of the formatting, such...


30/10/2011 13:38

3B - Extended Quotations and the <BLOCKQUOTE> tag.

     Sometimes when you're designing a Web page you'll have a quote you wish to highlight within the text. The tag is used to automatically indent and separate the quote from the rest of the text. For example:      My favorite passage in...


30/10/2011 13:47

4A - Hyperlinks

  Okay, first things first. Without stuff to click on, a web page isn’t really a “Web” page at all. Links (or hyperlinks) are what make the world wide web a web, and interconnect every page and file and picture out there. Any html file without hyperlinks is the equivalent of a dead...


30/10/2011 13:48

5 - Hyperlinks Part 2

  Okay, so you’ve linked up your page, blah blah blah, interconnected it, blah blah blah, and now I’m here to tell you that  you barely know anything at all.  There’s a lot more to linking then just...


30/10/2011 13:51

6 - Indenting Spacing and Listing

  Indenting Paragraph     Indenting paragraphs is very simple, yet you will notice that many people do not do it. You simply indent by adding blank spaces. "BUT MY BROWSER IGNORES MY SPACES!!!" you say. Everyone’s does, no you use the html coding to make the browser pay...


30/10/2011 13:53

7 - Tables

Tables, Columns and Table Formats You can organize or design the layout of your information on your web site by using a tag called PRE which stands for preformated text.  If you do the following below  It looks...


30/10/2011 14:03

8 - Tables Part 2

  Tables Part 2   Column Width Control   You can control the overall width of tables and that of individual cells.  In fact, unless you specify width, tables rearrange themselves to fit browser windows just like regular text.   This may not...


11/11/2011 17:32

9 & 10 Color

  There are 3 different ways to set color.  The simplest besting the the word itself.  There is: black hellow gray green red maroon lime olive silver aqua blue navy white purple fuchsia and teal The second way to...