Learning HTML by yourself

1 Welcome to HTML

30/10/2011 12:41

Info Tech 11's HTML unit is comprised of 16 lessons that increase in difficulty as the student progresses though them. At the beginning of this section of the course, with Lesson one, students learn how to plan a web site.  The student learns simple commands such as bolditalics, and underlined text in Lesson two.  With Lesson 3 to 5 the student is to learn Hyperlinks and various other basic commands. Other assignments are based on tables, color codes, forms, and frames. After the first sixteen lessons are completed the student has a choice of doing 5 of approximately 10 advanced assignments, based on java and manipulating frames and other aspects of a web site. After completing all of the assignments the student is to refer to the rubrics so as to ensure that they have all of the required aspects for each individual assignment.