Learning HTML by yourself

E - Video continuing

14/11/2011 17:32

As in the last lesson we touched a bit on putting in the code for a video.  Below is a more complete explanation of the 


Embed Tag Reference  

Attributes Examples Discription
Autostart true    whether or not to start the file upon loading      
bgcolor    #000000 specifies color of embed area
border 10 puts a border around the file
controller true gives the file playback control or not - this should be a must for the sake of people coming to your site.
height    height 150 height of the movie
hidden false hides the file (for sound files).
loop true wether or not to loop the file over & over again.
pluginspage (web page)     where to download a plug-in if it's missing - like quicktime movie maker.
scr filename.mov name of video file
width 150 width of the embedded file


Here is an example of the tag with all of its attributes:


                          <embed autostart="true" bgcolor="#000000" border="10"

                          controller="true" height="150" hidden="false" loop="true"


                          src="filename.mov" width="150">


Obviously we won't need all of those to make a video show up, so let's just use the bare essentials. Make your embed tag look like this:



Replace filename.mov with the name of your movie and it should show up. This is all you have to do, the rest of the attributes are just options.  Some people like to use tables or other tricks to make nice layouts or borders around their movies.  That could be handled in Layout of Embedding Video