Learning HTML by yourself

6 - Assignment 6 - Stylized Text and Other Tricks.

30/10/2011 13:10


For the following, you do not need to do this in your web page.  I want this separate. After you can add any part of this tutorial to your page.  For now, start a new page.  It does not have to make sense and it does not have to be artistically pleasing or authentic.  All I want is a page that shows me you understand what these codes are and you can use them.

Please have the following examples:

*  2 physical styles       /4

*  4 logical styles         /8

*  3 special characters     /3

*  3 different types of horizontal rules.  I want you to play with the size, the width, and the color of the horizontal rules.  I want three with all three of these aspects different so that you can see the difference and what uses they can be.       /9