Learning HTML by yourself

5 - Hyperlinks Part 2

30/10/2011 13:48


Okay, so you’ve linked up your page, blah blah blah, interconnected it, blah blah blah, and now I’m here to tell you that  you barely know anything at all.  There’s a lot more to linking then just that.


            Here’s some more things you never knew before!


Linking to a file to download: (Tip: Always tell the person that there is a file in the link. It is very frustrating to have a download box come up and  interrupt your surfing experience)



Linking to another page, and a spot on that page:

https://www.anotherpage.ca#spot> page


Linking to a picture:



Using a Picture Off of Someone Else’s Page: (Remember: You will be linking to another person’s page, which makes their page slower, and if they move the file, yours won’t work. Use this only if you want to save space in your account)



Putting an ALT tag on a link (However, this can only be used with linked text, not normal text)


My Pictures


Changing the Link That Comes up at the Bottom of Internet Explorer When the Mouse is Over the Text Into a Clever Phrase(For instance, when you hold the mouse over a link, then, at the bottom of the browser where it usually says “done” or just has a little picture of a hyperlink file) - this one is hard so take it slow, and make sure if you are copying and pasting the code from this web site you then ONLY copy this text and not something you pick up by accident.




Note: This is probably tough to memorize, so I recommend using Copy & Paste.