Learning HTML by yourself

1B - Designing your First Web Site

30/10/2011 12:45


When you first start out you have to have an idea, then you have to consider if other people may be interested in your idea.  It's not just the principles of web site designing (the coding) that you learn now, it's the importance of not adding more junk to the internet. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is what I have to say unique, important, or will be of interest to others?
  • Will it add to the information highway?
  • Does it follow good web site practices?  Not too many pictues, using the full screen, not too long on the first page (did you know that most viewers lose interest in the web page within the first 3 seonds so you have to grab their interest?).
  • Does it take too long to load?  Once more think of the viewers losing interest before the web page loads up.

‚ÄčThese are but a few things to think about when working on your web site.

Remember that the first page, the home page is never longer then the screen.  It's the opening page, the grabber for the person surfing.  Make them stop, but don't make them wait for your web page.