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11/11/2011 09:33

B - Creating A Simple Form

To create a form in a new language called XHTML you need to understand the parts of the forms.  So below is the parts.   This code is not that hard.  You need to have the work form, at the start and at the end.  This is where you will see the form elements....


30/10/2011 14:03

8 - Tables Part 2

  Tables Part 2   Column Width Control   You can control the overall width of tables and that of individual cells.  In fact, unless you specify width, tables rearrange themselves to fit browser windows just like regular text.   This may not...


30/10/2011 14:00

A - Assignment A Frames

  Name:  __________________________      /8   Insert a frame in your web page.  It should have the following things: Column sizing Naming of at least two frames (you can have more) Have it either column or rows Artistically...


30/10/2011 13:59

9 - Assignment 9 & 10 Color

This is not an assignment.  It is a simple test.  Please ask Ms. Painchaud to give you the text.  It will be concerning color, the coding system, how it works, and some hexidecimal work (translating from decimal numbers to hexidecimal).    


30/10/2011 13:58

8 - Assignment 8 - Tables Part 2

Name:  _____________________________________            /16   Change your table to have the following things in it:   Column width change so that 1 cell is over two other cells Change the height of table Change the width of the table Some cells...


30/10/2011 13:57

7 - Assignment 7 - Tables

   /20 Cell padding Cell spacing has changed. Have at least columns (2 columns) Needs to fit in authentically your column section Needs to look artistically pleasing. Table must have the following: Image in one Link in another Change the size of border Change color in...


30/10/2011 13:55

5 - Assignment 5 - lists, scripts, and indenting.

  5th Assignment Indenting, Creating Spaces with &nbsp, and Creating Lists Name:  _________________   This assignment is a separate page but continues in the same theme as the last page so that we may link these two up.   Indent line using...


30/10/2011 13:54

4 - Assignment 4 - Linking

  Assignment 4 Rubric Name:  _________________________   You must have at least four of the following:   Linking to a file to download Linking to an anchor on another page Linking to a picture Using another page’s picture Putting...


30/10/2011 13:53

7 - Tables

Tables, Columns and Table Formats You can organize or design the layout of your information on your web site by using a tag called PRE which stands for preformated text.  If you do the following below  It looks...


30/10/2011 13:51

6 - Indenting Spacing and Listing

  Indenting Paragraph     Indenting paragraphs is very simple, yet you will notice that many people do not do it. You simply indent by adding blank spaces. "BUT MY BROWSER IGNORES MY SPACES!!!" you say. Everyone’s does, no you use the html coding to make the browser pay...