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17/06/2012 20:20

H - Final project.

  Web Site Final Project   /112           Name:  __________________________________ The final web site must have the following items listed.  This will be your marking sheet.   Web site has at least 5...


23/11/2011 19:40

C - HTML 5 outline.

Introduction to HTML5/CSS3 In Drupal 7 View more presentations from Mediacurrent


23/11/2011 19:12

2 - Div Worksheet to type up.

Click here for your assignment - to add this file.  You can modify the text for your own subject matter.


23/11/2011 19:05

9 - External Linked Stylesheets

Externally linked stylesheets allow you to use one stylesheet across your entire site. There are two ways to do this: linking <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css"> importing (Internet Explorer only) <style type="text/css"> @import URL...


23/11/2011 18:53

4 - CSS Syntax

Style rules are comprised of two things, the selector and the declaration.   selector - The HTML tag that will be affected by the rule declaration - The specific style calls that will affect the selector The complete syntax for a style rule...


23/11/2011 18:50

3 - Different types of CSS.

There are three places in a document, in the <head>, in an external file, or within an individual tag. Style calls placed within an individual tag will only affect that tag, while other style calls affect the entire page or any page that loads the style sheet. Styles Within the Tags For...


23/11/2011 18:43

5 - Inline Style writing.

Inline styles are styles set within one tag. They only affect the current tag, every other similar tag on the page will have the default styles. For example, if you want one paragraph to have a grey background, you can use an inline style Try this out on your Web page: It' looks like the...


23/11/2011 18:41

6 - Starting CSS coding for one page.

If you want to set up a stylesheet to affect one Web page, you can do that with a stylesheet in the head of your document. For this you use the tag in the of your Web document. Rules for Style Sheets Style tags should be held in the All style information should be stored within...


14/11/2011 17:55

D - Make an image map

  Do an image map that has a rectangle and circle marked out in it.  Also have a default. The idea is that I cannot find a spot on your image that does not lead me to your link.   Part 2 Do two different links on one image.        /10...


14/11/2011 17:54

G - Special Buttons

  A button that automatically bookmarks my site         You cannot do this with HTML. However, Internet Explorer 4+ supports the window.external.AddFavorite() method, a proprietary extension to JavaScript that opens an "Add to Favorites" dialog. The...